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Off We Go! book series

I recently received an email from Patrick, father of a young girl who has downs syndrome. Patrick was enquiring into the possibility of having a little introductory work shop on Numicon and wondered if I might know of anyone he could contact regarding this. But he also mentioned that he and his wife also distribute books [...]

Book: Down Syndrome - An introduction for carers and carers

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I was asked to review the third edition of Down Syndrome – An Introduction for Parents and Carers by the publishers, Souvenir Press, in December 2008. Not something I have previously been approached to do but I’m happy to give it a go.

Written by Cliff Cunningham, Visiting Professor of Applied Psychology at Liverpool’s John [...]

America according to Connor Gifford

American friends of ours (hi Irene & Sam), who have a son with Down’s Syndrome, suggested I take a look at a website by another young man with Down’s Syndrome who was promoting a book he has written on American history. He had invited them to become “friends” with him on Facebook.

The website,, is an [...]