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Another poor sentence for a hate-crime against the disabled

I sat in my kitchen yesterday afternoon, switched on the laptop, and checked the Google newsfeed on the site. A headline from The Guardian attracted my attention and I clicked through. My wife wandered in looked at the screen and asked me the blindingly obvious – “whatcha doin?”

“Reading a news story on The Guardian”, I replied.

“Oh. [...]

Britain’s divided schools: a disturbing portrait of inequality

One of the most comprehensive studies into fairness in the UK shows how class, race and gender remain crucial factors in determining how British pupils succeed at school – and beyond

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David Askew: bullied to death for having a learning difficulty?

Anybody who watches the news will surely have seen this story; it was widely reported both on TV and in the press (see the Daily Mail coverage here). It concerned the case of David Askew, a 64-year old man with learning difficulties who was apparently ‘tormented to death’ during 17 years (17 years!) of abuse by ’gangs’ of children – some [...]