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A cat’s viewpoint

It was as I was writing a story about a cat that I discovered the beauty of J’s life. Or perhaps it was the wrong toilet that did it.

From the beginning. I met J a year ago. J is Austen’s son. Diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome, he’s great young guy, with a lovely personality. My wife and [...]

Of underbites and pizza

 We went to see Toy Story 3 last weekend. We watched it in 3d. I say “we” but my son refused to wear the glasses so he sat through the entire film watching it in a slightly blurred fashion as the two images overlapped one-another. Of course I offered him the glasses several times during the [...]

Did you know your son had Down's sydrome before he was born?

“So, did you know your son had Down’s syndrome before he was born?”

A few years ago, when our son was young and cute (he’s still cute but rapidly approaching those teenage years) and we met new friends and acquaintances, we would often be asked this question as conversation naturally moved towards children. I must admit its [...]

Down's Syndrome Scotland

Down’s Syndrome Scotland (Charity No. SC011012) works to improve the quality of life for everyone with Down’s syndrome. Its members include people with Down’s syndrome, families and professionals. It provides information, support and advice:

Offer telephone advice for anyone wanting information on any aspect of Down’s syndrome
Produce leaflets and other information about Down’s syndrome, from birth to [...]

Down Syndrome Education International

An organisation we have used on a number of occasions is the Down Syndrome Education International (Registered Charity No: 1062823) based in Portsmouth, UK. It’s objectives are to undertake research and provide information, training and advice to promote the development and education of individuals with Down syndrome worldwide.

We have bought and used the Down Syndrome Education [...]

Down's Sydrome Association

As our son happens to have Down’s syndrome we are members of the the Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA), a UK charity (Registered Charity No. 1061474) that exists to provide information and support for people with Down’s syndrome, their families, carers and those with a professional interest. It also seeks to improve knowledge and understanding and champion [...]

Down's Heart Group

About 47% of babies born with Down’s Syndrome also have some form of congenital heart defect. Some of these will require surgery and as this often takes place within 3 to 6 months after birth, families very quickly discover the need for helpful information in a format that they can easily understand.

Down’s Heart Group is a [...]

The Elite Academy Of Dance

One of the things my boy loves to do is dance. We’re all sick of “High School Musical” and “Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” in our household. All of us that is, except for one person who can often be found dancing and singing along to the DVDs or CDs.

So it was with interest that [...]

Book: Down Syndrome - An introduction for carers and carers

Cover image

I was asked to review the third edition of Down Syndrome – An Introduction for Parents and Carers by the publishers, Souvenir Press, in December 2008. Not something I have previously been approached to do but I’m happy to give it a go.

Written by Cliff Cunningham, Visiting Professor of Applied Psychology at Liverpool’s John [...]

America according to Connor Gifford

American friends of ours (hi Irene & Sam), who have a son with Down’s Syndrome, suggested I take a look at a website by another young man with Down’s Syndrome who was promoting a book he has written on American history. He had invited them to become “friends” with him on Facebook.

The website,, is an [...]