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Brighton and Hove Albion's Disabilities Football Project

A mother of a 21 one year old lad (at the time of writing) who happens to have Down’s Syndrome has passed me details of the Brighton and Hove Albion’s Disabilities  Football Project.

Seagulls Specials

Seagulls Specials gives children of all ages and abilities opportunities to play football. But the club, part of Brighton and Hove Albion’s Disabilities [...]

Singing Hands

Suzanne and Tracy are the co-founders of Singing Hands. Our son (and daughter) have sung and signed with them on a number of occasions such as the Down syndrome Association Christmas Carol concert. My son always enjoys these occasions. I have taken the following (below the video) information from the Singing Hands website “About Us” page (with permission [...]

PAG (Parent Action Group)

PAG (Parent Action Group) for special play is a Community Action Group set up by local parents, within the Borough of Rushmoor and surrounding Boroughs (in the UK), who all have at least one child with a disability.

Formed when a group of parents got together when the Rushmoor special needs playscheme was under threat of [...]

Me too & Co

Me too & Co is an independent voluntary organisation based in Twickenham covering the UK’s Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames and surrounding areas, which aims to help children with additional needs and their families. These needs include: physical or learning impairment, emotional or behavioural difficulties, or any temporary or permanent illness requiring extra care and support.

Me too & [...]