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Cherry Trees – home from home respite care

My better half was secretary of the Ridgeway Community School “Friends association” until very recently. One of the other committee members, also a parent of a child attending the school, would take my son’s class for football. Quite by coincidence both he and my wife were at the same event today. A round table discussion organised [...]

Riven Vincent’s decision illiustrates social media power

‘I can’t cope,’ says Riven Vincent after receiving letter telling her no more respite help is available for six-year-old Celyn [...]

Mountain House Holidays

This is another organisation I came across when perusing the BBC’s Thrillseeker website (see my post on the Calvert Trust).

Mountain House Holidays offer a range of walking and adventure activity holidays and breaks for people of all ages and abilities. Their aim is “to provide you with a holiday to remember whatever your age or ability” [...]

The Calvert Trust

Its funny how you can stunble across things as you bumble through life.

I was half watching CountryFile as I prepared dinner yesterday. At they end of the programme there was a trailer for something called Thrillseeker and the website address was flashed up. Wondering what this was about and whether or not there might be something [...]

Home from Home Care

Attended my son’s school parents evening the other night (he got a good report from his teacher!) and in the lobby there were a couple of exhibitors. Disability Challengers were there and also a small delgation from Home for Home Care, an organisation I think I have come across before. So, as you might expect, I [...]

Crossroads Care

Crossroads is a UK-based charity (Charity Registration No. 1069649).  Its aim is to provide a reliable service, tailored to meet the individual needs of each carer and the person they are caring for. They have schemes in most parts of England and Wales, which provide a range of services to meet local needs. If you live [...]


I was recently made aware of the following organisation via the headmaster of the school my son now attends.

Cool2Care was founded in 2007 by Phil Conway, the father of a disabled boy. It is an organisation that brings together families of disabled children with people who want to care for them.

If you’re thinking of working with [...]

Capability Scotland

Capability Scotland is one of the leading Scottish disability organisations (Scottish Charity number SC36524) and has over 60 years experience of providing services to disabled people of all ages in Scotland.


The organisation was launched in 1946 by a group of committed parents and professionals. The first service, Westerlea School for children with cerebral palsy, opened [...]

Badaguish Outdoor Centre

Badaguish Centre, an outdoor activity centre located near Aviemore in the Cairngorms National Park, is designed especially for people of all abilities as a place for them to explore, learn and develop new and exciting skills.

Speyside Trust is a Scottish Charity which has been providing high quality repsite care activity holidays at Badaguish for 25 years.

Speyside [...]