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Lifeworks – tackle exclusion, disadvantage and inequality

My heart belongs in Devon. I went to school there for 5 years and have missed it ever since leaving at 18 years of age. One of my closest friends lives in Exeter and has a business there (Burgoynes Estate Agents). That gives me all the excuses I need to get back down there as often as [...]

IN2 leisure discount scheme (Waverley Borough Council)

My daughter is an excellent swimmer (if I do say so myself). And she loves to swim – which helps. My son also loves to go swimming. Until recently it would be less than accuarte to have described what he did in the pool as swimming though. This was despite our best efforts, or so it [...]

Guildford Saints Pan Disability Football Team

When we attended a recent session of the UniSPORT Sport Club I was handed a flyer for the Guildford Saints promoting free football training for disabled and special educational needs (SEN) footballers ages 7-16 (boys and girls).

To be eligible players must attend a Special School, have a recognised / registered disability or have a statement of [...]

Badshot Lea Saints (football team)

Badshot Lea Saints is a special needs football team that operates for boys and girls from age 4 to 17+. They are part of a thriving youth section of Badshot Lea FC, an FC charter standard community club.

They have players of all abilities who share one thing in common – the enjoyment of each other’s company [...]

UniSPORT Sports Club for disabled young people

When my son was born he was a very floppy ( hypotonia). He was quickly introduced to physiotherapy, through the Children’s Clinic at the Royal Surrey Hospital, and we also tried to take advantage of every opportunity in order to develop his physical skills ourselves, taking him to Fun Time Gym at our local Leisure Centre, Saturday morning [...]

Rushmoor Mallards (disability sports club)

Rushmoor Mallards provides a range of sporting and recreational activities for people with any impairment and of any age, from toddlers to pensioners, together with their families and friends.

Formed in 1974 as a Sunday swimming club for disabled people and their families, it was based at the newly-opened Farnborough Leisure Centre in Hampshire. When the Centre [...]