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Stepping Stones DS – supporting parents of children with Down syndrome

My wife has put all the great and unique skills she learnt in the early years of raising our son to good use. She looks after a little girl with Down Syndrome two mornings a week at a local nursery. The little girls mum has put us in touch with a support group that operates in [...]

Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children

This is another charity featured in the ‘parent information’ section of the webiste for my son’s school. I have not come across the Newlife Foundation for disabled children in any personnal capcity. I would, as usual, welcome comments/feedback from anybody reading this that has.

Disabled children have been at the heart of the charity since 1991. As [...]

21 & Co (Down Syndrome support group)

21 & Co's logo

I can’t quite believe that I haven’t put a post up about this charity before now. Considering we attended their excellent speech therapy sessions at the Langdon Down Centre (I think they have moved from there now) for a number of years when my son was younger.

As they say on their website [...]

Sure Start Children’s Centres

I was just looking at the website for my son’s scool (check out this entry on ICT and special needs submitted by the IT manager from the school) to see what new links had gone up.  In there is an entry for our local Sure Start centre at Potter’s Gate ( a primary school in Farnham) [...]

Home-Start International

When our lad was younger we were fortunate to have access to Home-Start. A lovely lady would come to the house for a couple of hours a week and effectively act as a baby-sitter (although we usually didn’t go out!). Its sound trivial but let me tell you those couple of hours where cherished as we [...]

Hampshire Children and Families Forum

One of the mums at my daughters school told me of her involvement with this charity…

Hampshire Children and Families Forum (HCFF) is a registered charity (No. 1080170) and has 20 local branches across Hampshire in the UK. HCFF works to support the needs of families within each local community. It gives parents and carers an opportunity [...]

Down Syndrome Education International

An organisation we have used on a number of occasions is the Down Syndrome Education International (Registered Charity No: 1062823) based in Portsmouth, UK. It’s objectives are to undertake research and provide information, training and advice to promote the development and education of individuals with Down syndrome worldwide.

We have bought and used the Down Syndrome Education [...]

Disability Challengers

I first wrote an entry on Disability Challengers for a previous version of this website. And, once again, I was reminded of the fantastic resource we have right here on our Farnham doorstep only the other day following a family day out to Bocketts Farm near Leatherhead where a group from Disability Challengers was also present.

Disability Challengers is a [...]

Social Information on Disability (SID)

Social Information on Disability (SID), is a registered charity (Registered Charity No. 1110708). Based in Leatherhead, Surrey (in the UK), the organisation undertakes work on a local, countywide and regional basis related to disability information.

SID’s aim is to ensure that disabled people have the information they need in order to have choice and equality of opportunity [...]

Quality Action Group

The Quality Action Group (QAG) are a group of adults in Stirling who have a learning disability. They elect a management committee every year. Only people with a learning disability can stand, or vote in these elections. The management committee meets each month to make decisions. They meet and work in partnership with organisations, currently [...]