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Most Recommended Airline for Travellers with a Disability

I was recently contacted by the people from Holiday Extras to ask if I could help publise their awards ceremony which included the Customers’ Award for Most Recommended Airline for Travellers with a Disability. They sent me the following text.

With the January snow storms, unexpected disasters such as the spread of the volcanic ash cloud in [...]

Disabled Person's Railcard

When I was a student I had, and frequently used, a student Railcard. It entitled me to a 1/3 of all fares and was great. I recently discovered that there is a similar scheme available for disabled train travellers!

The Disabled Person’s Railcard

If you have a disability that makes travelling by train difficult you may qualify for [...]

Blue Badge scheme

The following is reproduced, with permission from the relevant area of the Directgov website. However, you should also be made aware that, if you are on the higher rate of Disability Living Allowance and a blue badge holder, then you are entitled to disability ”exemption from paying vehicle excise duty” (car tax). For more information visit [...]

Airports and flying with disability

Did you know that UK airports have a Special Needs check-in for all flights? We have taken advantage on several occasions when the queues for our flight have been very long. It is just like the usual check-in but with no queues! Obviously you need to have a disabled child/adult with you! Unfortunately very few airports [...]